Belco Industrial Services

Belco Industrial Services, LLC (Belco) is a specialty industrial services company serving the industrial, commercial and governmental market segments. With locations in Prairieville, Louisiana, and Deer Park, Texas, Belco is focused on plant infrastructure maintenance programs that enable customers to reduce plant downtime, solve corrosion and abrasion problems and eliminate environmental concerns. We execute our services in a consistent manner that meets the quality and safety expectations of our customers. Our culture and core values consist of providing quality front line supervision and field personnel. We remain one of the most efficient and innovative groups through our extensive management team’s industry experience and “hand’s on” interaction with our field personnel. We value our craftsmanship, employees, and our customers and will do the right thing, regardless.

We offer our various services in the normal “stand-alone” fashion as well as a true “turnkey services” self-performed by Belco management and field personnel. Our turnkey services are unique to the industry and demonstrates a total value optimization of a customer’s plant assets.

  • The Mechanical Division is a certified ASME B31.1 & B31.3 piping and vessel fabrication (U&R stamps) facilities. In addition, we offer API 620, 650 & 653 tank construction and repairs, specialty welding services, field maintenance, turnaround services, demolition, civil and scaffold services. We are uniquely sized to offer turnkey skid and module fabrication and installation.
  • The Lining and Coatings Division is focused on protecting our customer’s investment. With full shop and field capabilities we can provide a wide range of corrosion resistant linings including natural and chlorobutyl rubber, powder applied thermosetting plastics such as FEB, ECTFE and FBE, spray-on or trowel applied coatings and weld-in sheet liners. We have full time NACE certified personnel and an extensive QA/QC program that incorporates SSPC, NACE, ASTM, and ISO standards insuring each project is completed properly, with documented deliverables upon completion. Our lining removal processes include “hands-free” capabilities.
  • The Industrial Cleaning/Specialty Blasting Division provides Specialty Hydro-blasting, Ultra High Pressure (UHP) metal cutting, and hydro excavation for all cleaning requirements. We have extensive experience and understand the intense operating environment required to maintain a plant’s optimal performance levels.
  • The Environmental Services Division provides Project management, Tank cleaning, Liquid/Solids separations & dewatering, Dredging for all waste minimization needs. We maintain a complete “toolbox” of equipment, including state of art tank manway cleaning machines.