Environmental Services

Belco management team has extensive experience in all types of tank cleaning, liquid/solid separation, waste minimization and sludge management. The equipment “toolbox” contains a wide variety of assets, including state of the art “man less entry” tank cleaning systems.

Tank Cleaning/Management

  • Solids reduction/management program
  • Non-intrusive tank cleaning
  • Tank internals upgrade
  • Jet mixing and tank circulating
  • Degassing of light end tanks
  • Fully automated technology
  • Transportation and box managment

Pond & Sludge Management

  • Sounding and tracking sludge and water levels
  • Vegetation removal
  • Civil work
  • Structure removal (old mixers, cables, etc.)
  • Sludge removal
  • Hydraulic dredging
  • Mechanical dredging
  • Solids separation
  • GeoTubes
  • Belt press
  • Filter press
  • Centrifuge
  • Open end pumping
  • Spoils management
  • Waste transportation